Phase 4


Phase 4 is the 3 weeks immediately following Phase 3 and is your last 21 day transition phase.

Success Tips:

  • Questions & Answers Phase 4:
  • Fruits to add in Phase 4.  Click here to downloadwalking-woman
  • Vegetables to add In Phase 4.  Click here to download
  • Phase 4 starts after you have completed 3 weeks of Phase 3. The key in Phase 4 is to SLOWLY add back in sugar and starch.  Your goal is still to stay within 2 lbs of the day you stopped taking .  Once again you will notice your weight will fluctuate in the beginning.  If you go over the 2 lbs you will need to do a steak day.  It is best to have one sugar or starch per day and see how you react.  It is safer to start the 1st week of Phase 4 by adding brown rice or beans and seeing how you do.  You only want to add one thing for the entire day. You do not want to add white sugar or white flour till you are more stable.
  • Most important tip for maintaining weight when you add starches and sugars?  Digestive Enzymes, Digestive Enzymes, Digestive Enzymes. They will work wonders to get your digestion going and are what saved me!
  • Interval List for Additional Rounds of Phase 2: After each additional Phase 2 course, the maintenance interval should be made progressively longer for long term success.

Round 1 – 6 week break (3 weeks of P3 and 3 weeks of P4)
Round 2 – 8 week break (P3 and 5 weeks of P4)
Round 3 – 12 week break (P3 and 9 weeks of P4)
Round 4 – 20 week break (P3 and 17 weeks of P4)
Round 5 – 6 months (P3 followed by P4) In this way, it is possible to bring about a 100 lb. and more of weight loss, if required, without hardship to the person.

  • When you have reached your desired goal weight, and after successfully completing Phase 3 and Phase 4 your weight loss should be stable. Most people will notice that they get full much quicker then before. Their hunger and food cravings will be lower than before. They  will get full much quicker then you did before. They will normally eat much better then they did before. There energy levels will be higher. They will  have a much higher overall sense of health.


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  1. Mrs. K says:

    I have succesfully done the phases 1, 2, 3, 4 and it is 3 months that I have remained stable. I get cravings during my period and this time I gained 2 pounds during this time. I am still not sure whether to do a steak day or not? what do ladies do about this during their periods?

    • admin says:

      That would depend on if you know that overeating caused your weight gain or if you think it is water retention. I’m not a big fan of steak days after you are that far into maintenance. This health journey is learning what your individual body does with certain foods, etc. My guess is that if you eat healthy and move (walking etc.) that it should come off in the next couple of days. Pay attention to what you ate so you can learn from it.

  2. atasha says:

    I am on my phase 3 second day. wanted to do another round so does that mean after 23 days of phase 3 I go back to phase 2 r2? or I am suppose to finish phase 3 then phase 4 then wait 6 weeks to start phase 2 round 2? Please help i am very confused. Thanks

    • admin says:

      The best way to stabilize is to do 3 weeks of phase 3 and 3 weeks of phase 4 where you very very slowly add in small amounts of starch and sugar. Once you are done with that you would start taking it and load for 2 days. Some people shorten it but they have more problems stabilizing in the long run.

      • diana says:

        im confused. I was told if your done with phase 4 you can start up in your second round of it to just jump back into phase 2 but not to load up. so do you load up or not when doing a second round of weight loss diet?

        • admin says:

          Whenever you start a round of you always start your drops and load for 2 days. You don’t need to do the detox phase.

          • diana says:

            thank you for that info, i wanna say this website i found is the most helpful. I was doing great but my down fall was they said you can whatever, i didnot fully understand i ended up gaining plus more. so i really did my home work… i learned about it and 3rd times a charm i lost 30lbs i am in phase 4 i had maintain very well.. i only had to do 1 steak day i had something i shouldnot, but went back… i am ready to do another round to lose the rest of my weight.. my cravings are gone, im full all the time, and i eat less… so if you truely make the change this diet works, it took me 3 trys to understand and alot of money lol but i got it,, thanks for your help

          • admin says:

            It did the same for me. I eat very little now before I am full and I actually crave healthy food. This diet changed my life and health.

          • diana says:

            Hello, I do have another question.. I will be starting ph4 soon where i can add in carbs and suger…. thats scares me.. do you have like a menu or a lists of food that i can use to add in. for example what kinda of carbs and if there is healthy carbs same with suger. if not how many grames i can have a day. Thanks for your help.

  3. Valarie says:

    Hi Vikki.
    Hope all is well with you.
    This weekend will be my last 2 days on phase 3 and Monday would be my first day on phase 4. I am very nervous about going back to normal eating of starch and sugar I really don’t want to gain anything back and want to just maintain.
    I lost a whopping 27 lbs I am so so grateful! I have to loose 10 more but I’m thinking after my 3 weeks on phase 4 I’ll do diet and exercise and hopefully loose the additional 10 lbs..;)
    I am looking for some pointers for phase 4 the link above for seccessf tips is not working anything to can add that would help in phase 4 and in my transition into my
    Maintainance phase would be appreciated.

    Again thanks for this website it is extremely helpful.

    • admin says:

      Congratulations on your awesome weight loss. Thanks for letting me know about the bad link. My biggest pointer is Digestive Enzymes!
      Since our bodies have been no carb, no sugar for so long they really struggle when we put it back in. I had to get my stress under control with Adrenal Support and take digestive enzymes to finally maintain after doing several rounds and not being able to maintain it, It’s also a good time to do some detoxing with the Liver/Kidney Cleanse. We should be doing a liver/kidney cleanse a few times a year. We change the filter in our dryer and in our home. But rarely do we every do anything about the most important filter – our liver & kidney!

      • diana says:

        How long do you do the kidney/liver cleanse? i see its a bottle that comes in vitamin form.. take it every day for the rest of your life like vitamins? or for a short period of time? same question with the digestive enzymes.. Thank you

  4. Valarie says:

    Hi Vicki I bought someof the ezymes. My problem now is constipation I cannot go to the bathroom on my
    Own and have to take laxatives Innorder to get a bowel movement how do I correct this. Also once I’m done with phase 4 what the best method to maintain?

  5. Lynne says:

    I have been in phase 4 for about 2 months and have been struggling with gains , I have done almost 20 steak days in that time and have gained as much as 3 pounds from one day to next. I am not sugar or starch crazy and have plotted my calorie intake to about 1600-1700 per day . My fats are almonds. Help , i am so frustrated!

    • admin says:

      First of all stop doing steak days. You should not do more than 2 a month during maintenance. It tells me your problem lies somewhere else. That is a position I was in. I knew I was eating well but no matter what I went up. I found that my adrenals where messed up from being under financial stress, etc. Adrenal Support helps tremendously for that. I wasn’t digesting my food (found that out through Live Blood Cell Analysis) Total digestive enzymes helped that. My cholesterol was tested and although my bad fat was good my good fat was in the tank so I had to get more essential fatty acid. Add to that I was going through menopause. Keeping it off can be many things. I would start with digestive enzymes and look to other things that might be going on. I still will do a round every year to keep things under control but I can now keep it off longer addressing some of these other issues. Hope this helps!

      • Lynne says:

        I will be questioning my doctor regarding your advice. What brand enzymes and adrenal support did you find helpful?
        If I do not do anymore steak days (which are effective after a few days) my weight will most assuredly rise, am I right about this ? It is a bit disturbing to me especially after losing 25 pounds and reaching my goal. How should I monitor this to help stay within my target range?

        • admin says:

          The links I gave you in the previous answer are the best by far. If you are only eating the calories you say and gaining a lot of weight there is an imbalance somewhere. I’ve dealt with just about all of them but they also affect one another. I know every doctor or nutritionalist I have talked to says it is very difficult to maintain weight if your hormones are imbalanced, your under stress, etc. The enzymes and adrenal support has let me maintain my weight for over 6 months know where normally I would of needed to do another round. You can do another round but at some point you need to look a little deeper. Hopefully this gets you going on the right track.

          • Lynne says:

            Thank you so much. All the good feelings I have experienced from the loss are quickly disappearing in the face of frustration. I ordered the supplements and will explore deeper.

  6. Diane says:

    I finished 40 days of phase 1 (lost 23 lbs) then did 2 & 3 with no problem and never had to do a steak day. Day one of phase 4 my friend who has done this said I can now eat anything I want (says she has) so right away I enjoyed fried fish & candy for desert. I did not gain that first day and enjoyed more and more as the days followed. I am two weeks into phase 4 and I am up 7 lbs. Now that I have indulged it has been impossible to get myself to correct it. I am clearly back in my old pattern and it feels bad. I get too hungry to do a steak day (my job is too physical and stressful). Is all hope lost until I start phase 1 again next week? I am very bumbed I did not see this site before I followed her advice!

    • Diana says:

      Being on p4 for the rest of your life what is the total amount of grams to have a day for carbs, protein, fat, fiber,saturated fat, sugars, salt, vegitables? thank you

  7. Tracy Williams says:

    omg, am having the same problems, with my gains in phase 4. have done so many steak days in phase 4. and menapose is on my back. ugh

  8. Tracy Williams says:

    I have been reading this blog and I would love to get these supplements am having these weight gain problems and I believe you could help me .
    Please help me

  9. Tracy Williams says:

    This is my third time. I lose good and stabilize well in p3. I don’t even eat breads and pasta. .i eat p 3 most of the time but for some reason I still gain. Am kind of frustrated about doing a correction once or twice a week…I just read on your blog that we should not do a steak day more than twice a month. But I don’t know what else to do to stay with in my 2 lb window.

    • admin says:

      Its an ongoing journey to figure it out. 3 things that major impact your ability to stabilize. Hormone Balance, Adrenal Fatigue, and digestion issues.

  10. Tracy Williams says:

    Ok , I have all my supplements orderd and they have shipped already. Am impressed how fast it was …. My question is do I take them all at the same time. For. Instance colon cleanse and kidney/ liver cleanse during the same week

    • admin says:

      Yes. The liver/kidney cleanse you take 2 at night before bed till they are gone. The intestinal cleanse, start with 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening. If needed increase 1 capsule every other day until you achieve 2 to 3 bowel movements per-day.

    • admin says:

      Sorry I missed this one. Yes you can take them at the same time. If it makes you a little sick you can back off to 1 capsule for a few days then try increasing it again. If that happens it means you need it really really need it. Its the toxins releasing which means you are very toxic. Once you get through it you will do much better.

  11. Tracy Williams says:

    Ok thank you. FedEx is on their way with my package, am excited to get started tonight… So after I finish the bottles of cleanses am done with that until I need another cleanse.? Sorry for all the questions.

  12. Tracy Williams says:

    I got my supplements, so with the total enzymes do I just take 1 when I eat a cooked meal ( 3 times a day) and be fat/ sugar only when I have fats or sugars. Or should I just take i cap 1-2 times a day…

    • admin says:

      It depends. I will have a fat & sugar enzyme if I’m eating something with bad fat or a dessert normally. They are fabulous for someone with blood sugar issues too! Digestive Enzymes are for everything else and I take 2 with any major meal. They are especially helpful as you are adding food back into your diet. You will notice your body will eliminate more too! It breaks down your food and allows your body to get rid of what it didn’t use. Let me know how you do and make sure to keep weighing yourself and notice how you feel at meals when you take them.

  13. Tracy Williams says:

    Thank you
    , I took one digestive enzymes this morning with breakfast and one with dinner,
    So you take 6 a day with breakfast,lunch, and dinner

    • admin says:

      It all depends on what you eat. If eating raw under 118 degrees you don’t need them, salads, etc. If its cooked food, you do. I have a green smoothie every morning so I only take them twice a day.

      • Tracy Williams says:

        I really saw the effects of the fat and sugar enzymes and the digestive enzymes this weekend..I graduated this weekend an was eating things I usually don’t eat and only gained .3 oz…..before I got these I would have gained about 3 lbs . Am ready to place another order…..I still don’t feel like the cleanses are working but am going to finish the bottle to see.. Started them on 16 Oct and still not a lot of results….

        • admin says:

          Trust me the cleanses make a difference. I do live blood cell analysis and peoples blood makes a huge improvement after the cleanses. They are subtle but efficient. Glad to hear you are doing good. Just don’t go overboard eating things you shouldn’t but I swear by enzymes if you have problems maintaining your weight.

          • Tracy Williams says:

            Am going to finish both cleanses…am a very clean eater, don’t want to gain that wait back… But this last weekend was a special one for me….I eat p3 all week and do p4 on the weekend..
            Am going through menopause right now and I think the hormones are making my weight fluctuate even though I eat clean. But the enzymes seem to be working great so far…. Going to place another order today.

          • admin says:

            Menopause makes it difficult to stabilize. I was going through it along with high stress and along with lack of enzymes in our body those are the 3 big things that make it difficult to maintain our weight even if we eat good. When you have the money try the female hormone balance. It is so much cheaper then what I did. Hormone doctor who gave my unnatural products I had to get at a compounding pharmacy which cost over $100 for my prescriptions and about $400 for blood work that needs to be redone on a regular basis because they start with small amounts and want to test you again before they raise the dosage. I have several people that taking them got rid of their hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

  14. Tracy Williams says:

    Thank you so much, for your help…. I will order the female hormones soon and try them out……am having night sweats, but other symptoms are not to bad….the weight fluctuations are the main thing that’s frustrating me and I know it’s the hormones…am getting ready to go on a cruse in about 10 days and I plan to eat clean but we all have those situations and times when we just say I want it anyway…….am praying the enzymes will help me keep the weight down …..if not I know I can do another round ….I really don’t want to but………

  15. Tdash says:

    I am now on phase 4 and am struggling!!! I am super strict in ever phase and had issues in P3 as well. I keep gaining weight and i cant pinpoint why. I have done so many steak days i am just frustrated and DONE!! Its close to that time of the month and i wonder if that is why i gained weight and if i really need to do a steak day. I am about to quit and need any help possible!!

  16. Fat old lady says:

    In p4 and now I am 4 lbs less than LIW. What should I do to gain. 2 pounds?

  17. Barbara Connell says:

    Hi! This is my first round – I am on day 19 of Phase 3, and I lost a total of 19lbs. So I have just a few more days before Phase 4, buying the digestive Enzymes today! I’m super scared about this phase because I have done exceptionally well, no cheating, and been very strict! But thank you for your website – I just printed several things off and hope I do well!!

  18. Theresa says:

    P1 – awesome P2- awesome P-3 awesome. Maintained and followed protocol exactly. however was going into to P4 and two days prior I ate 1/8 of a very thin (paperthin) slice of Daiya cheese pizza. two pounds up! I have maintained within a pound this entire time. so now I am thinking I am not ready for P4 should I stay on P3 longer? Is there any pros or cons to that. I am scared to death to eat foods in P4 since I went up 2lbs just from one little starch. scared I can never indulge again.

    • admin says:

      Try sugar and starch enzymes in my store. That was the only thing that prevented me from gaining weight when I had pizza.

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