Two Different HCG Grocery Shopping Lists


I often get asked the question why are there two different grocery shopping lists.  One  is the Original Shopping List from Dr. Simeons Original “Pounds and Inches Manuscript”.  I have also taken the liberty to add a few items that help people while on the diet and a couple of items not on his list that he mentions in the Manuscript.  For example, Stevia (a healthy sweetener), Braggs Liquid Aminos (use in place of Soy Sauce), Wondercocoa (defatted powdered cocoa), teas that are helpful, sea salt, and a few cooking items. Dr. Simeons Manuscript was original published in the early 1960′s. Although we eat much differently then people did 50 years ago, it is still effective and absolutely works.  The more I have experiences with myself and others, the more I am impressed and grateful for  how brilliant Dr. Simeons was.

More recently,  Dr. Daniel Belluscio, who founded the oral HCG Research Center in 1987 came out in 1991 with his oral HCG Protocol. His advanced  research and studies on Oral HCG has added additional foods to the original list of Dr. Simeons.  When I wanted to help others with this program that has been a great gift and miracle to me, I paid for additional training with a company that used  his research in their program.  Through advanced research they have added some additional foods and practices, that in my opinion, make the restrictive 500 calorie diet much easier and enjoyable.  I would find it very difficult to personally go back and redo the original protocol after experiencing the advanced research version.  You can find the updated and Advanced Shopping list in the Wave to the New You Store under cooking and is called the  HCG Dieters Advanced Research E-Cookbook for a nominal fee.  I purposely separated them so people would understand that they are two different protocols with the later having additional choices in the food list.  I have experienced the same results on both! For me and others, the advanced list makes a huge difference for those who struggle with the limited vegetables on the original list.  Just like learning to cook well and finding oil and lotion alternatives, small things make a big difference.

Hopefully this will help clear up the confusion and educate you on one of the reasons you hear different food choices.  If not, make a comment and we will go from there.

Note: Phase 1 – Detoxification was also not in the original protocol.  Once again, 50 years ago, our diets where much different and we did not have all the processed,  chemically laced,  hormone injected, genetically modified foods that are part of our daily diets.   Today, if you look at the research on health issues and diets, you start to understand the value and health benefits of doing some form of detoxing to improve many aspects of your health and well being.  The more I study and learn the more I am convinced that the HCG Diet is one of the healthiest ways to loose weight.  It also has empowered me to learn why I crave things and that we are not just heavy because we are weak willed.  Their are also physiological things that are going on in our bodies that we can do something about to change our cravings and to keep our weight off long term.

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