Stalls and Plateaus


McKenny Creek Trail 019 Creative Commons License photo credit: prdamrcn Even though most people lose an average of .5 to 1.2 pounds per day on the weight loss diet, that is an average and not what occurs every day. This is normal and to be expected. Normally you will lose the most weight the first week, which is great, because that is when you need the most encouragement. We normally would be happy to lose that in several weeks but we get spoiled very quickly. Hopefully this post will help you understand what is normal and that you are still losing inches when you go through these stalls and plateaus on this protocol. Dr. Simeons explains that after fat has been extracted from your fat cells and they are empty, as the body is breaking down the cell it tends to replace the fat with water. Since water is heavier than fat the scales may show no loss of weight although sufficient fat has been lost to make up the deficit in the 500 calorie diet. As the cell breaks down, the water will be released and you will find yourself going to the bathroom a lot and down in weight the next day. This is what occurs when you do not cheat and stay the same for one to two days. A normal plateau lasts 4-6 days and usually happens in the 2nd half of a round. Everyone hits a stall or plateau at some point. A plateau always corrects itself if you do not give up. But because you are expecting to lose like you did the first week the stall causes many unnecessary worry. Dr. Simeons explains that even though the plateau will correct itself most people find it helpful to do an apple day. Pg 34 Pounds and Inches Protocol. An apple day begins at noon and goes for 24 hours. Instead of the normal 500 calorie diet for the day, you eat 6 large apples whenever you feel hungry.  I usually eat some fresh, bake some apples, or make applesauce. The only other liquid you should have that day is water. The apple day usually promotes a loss of weight the next day, primarily due to the elimination of water. The water is not normally regained when the 500 calorie diet is resumed the next day. Pg 34 Pounds and Inches Protocol. TIP:  For those who have done several rounds.  If you find that you are hitting stalls more often, try something different than an apple day.  Instead, increase your calories to 1,000 for 3-4 days by eating the same food but more of it.  You shouldn’t lose or gain but stay about the same.  Once you go back to 500 calories you should start losing weight again. A plateau can also occur when you reach a former level of weight you were at for some time. This one can last even longer but will always correct itself. Go by how you feel. I have never gone beyond a 7 day plateau without doing an apple day or above protocol which always seems to get the scale going in the right direction. (Pg 35 Pounds and Inches) For woman they will also usually see a plateau or even an increase a few days before and during their period. This is still due to water weight and it will correct itself. Stay on course. If the above reasons do not correct a plateau it is almost always a dietary error or possibly oil your body is getting somewhere. Time to do some detective work. I have a list of questions to ask yourself under Success Tips for Phase 2 to review. If you are good on all of them, be patient it will correct itself.  Just remember to pay attention to how you feel, how long you have been on the protocol and how much you have already lost this round.  I personally feel it is better to do multiple rounds than to stay on 1 round to long.  It also seems to increase success on the critical maintenance phases.

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  1. Celeste says:

    I am on day six of phase 2, this morning I weighed myself and I am up two pounds. Could this have to do with being constipated? I am increasing each day how much water I drink=now up to 96 oz. I have been religious about the food and am pretty much starving all day. As of yesterday I had lost 9.4 lb. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Most everyone will get constipated on Phase 2 due to the low volume of food. I recommend you go to the store and get some smooth move tea right away. That usually solves the problem for most people. You should not be starving. Usually if people are gaining weight they are either doing something wrong unconsciously or it is water weight.

  2. Cyncyn says:


  3. renee says:

    Now of all of a sudden I am at a plateau for 6 days now. I have had previous experience with plateaus from doing the diet before. unfortunately I only have 11 more days until my injections end and my doctor has told me that because I have been so previously successful, and my weight will be where it needs to be, that he will not permit me any more. I have done an apple day, but had the feeling there was no water retention going on, I tried fiber pills for more frequent bowel movements, and even a laxative. But nothing has worked! I sat down and counted my calories to sadly discover I wasn’t reaching the full 500, so yesterday I made sure I had a full 500 and only lost two ounces! Are these two ounces a sign that tomorrow will be a bigger weight loss? These 11 days are extremely important, I need to loose at least five pounds to at least be near my goal weight range. Please help.

  4. Sarah says:

    I lost about 10 pounds in the last few days and have stuck to my diet. BUT i did have a lot of sodium the other night without realizing it, so i flushed with cucumber water and half of a cucumber as a small snack. I usually eat dinner by 6:30 – 7:00pm could eating that late be messing me up? Im on day 6 sublingual 300IU and I am not losing. I eat fruits six hours apart, i drink a 2 liter of water every day and measure each meal carefully. What do i do next? Should i wait a few days then try an apple day? Should i go walking and see if that helps burn some of it? Am i losing inches without losing pounds or am i just at a standstill?

  5. Diane says:

    Today is day is day 10 not counting the 2 load days. I lost 12 pounds the first week. I am now on my 6th day of not one ounce of a weight loss. I want to lose 10 more pounds. Is it possible since I now weigh 125 lbs, that my own body will not let me go under? or will i continue to lose wt staying on course?

    • admin says:

      I think you are doing fantastic if you lost 12 pounds in the first week considering what you weight it. You probably are just retaining water do to the weight loss. Homeopathic drops and vibrational drops are just like taking injections. You still need to do the maintenance phases. If you reach you goal weight before the 3 weeks, double your calories but eat the same foods. Remember no one loses everyday.

  6. Lissa says:

    I thought that you lose abnormal fat?! Why is it all about water retention? I feel like I should still see some loss on the scale! On day 8, phase 2, first round. Lost 12 lbs after gaining 4 on my leading days, but I’m on day 3 of my plateau. I’m worried!

    • admin says:

      You need to read Dr. Simmons protocol. He explains why your fat cells retain water sometimes after losing there fat and then that you release it. Everyone goes through a stall, then you will notice yourself going the bathroom a lot and your body will release the water.

  7. cat says:

    what should I expect to lose after TOM leaves town? I have somewhat stalled/plateaued around 187. I am sure some of it is due to water retention. Should I ride it out and see what my loss is or do an apple day or macadamia nut fat fast day? Like others I am confused. I dont want to lose a full week of progress to TOM’s visit and I dont know what to expect!

    • cat says:

      Oh, I do use coconut oil at times and have been eating chocolate delight to aid my elimination issues (smooth move gives me horrible cramps even at only a 1/2 cup)

      • admin says:

        If smooth move gives you cramps that is an indication you definitely have some digestion issues. It would be really helpful for you to try Total Digestion Enzymes. I don’t know what chocolate delight has in it but read the label. Coconut oil scares me because it can keep people from losing. A purer form called MCT Oil is the safer beat and can be used , but only 3 Tab. a day.

  8. Jon says:

    I started two weeks ago and on injections. My stuff is tested and real and started with 200 iu and didn’t feel any loss for 6 days so I dropped down to 175 and then to 150 and started feeling hungry….when I’m on it I never get hungry and can only eat a handfull of food. But my weight stays around the same… Do I need to try 250 iu or what? Please help.. I think the dosage is off and the 5 lbs I did lose is cause of the small calorie diet…

  9. Shelly says:

    I have gained 4 lbs on the two load days. Yikes. I’m already worried. Is that normal? Today is my first day on 500 calories but feel I’ve botched it already.

  10. Nica says:

    I stalled for 3 days then TOM came. I have stalled for a total of 7 days and TOM is still here! Should I do an apple day or what till TOM is gone? This is my second round and have never had a problem so Im kinda freaking out. Help!

    • admin says:

      If it were me I would probably do an apple day to help speed it a long. Most of it is probably water retention. Once day you’ll have to go a lot and that will be the sign you’ll be down the next morning. Hope this helps

  11. diana says:

    So i have been stalled for 4 day s now could i take a water pill that im prescibed? or will that mess me up and i work late and eat my last meal late could that be messing me up?

    • admin says:

      Stalls are normal and everyone goes through them. If I go more than 5 days I usually do an apple day. Dr. Simeons explains it in is protocol. You are still losing fat. I personally don’t like taking medication for something that will correct when your body is ready. However, eating late at night can cause some to lose less. Try to eat your meals earlier and save a fruit or something for when you get home. Hope this helps.

  12. WeightAweigh says:

    Hi, Can anyone please answer this: I dont eat the same protein or vegetable in the same day for lunch & dinner, however, i do have the same type of meat & vegetables everyday ( including same fruit ). DOES THIS AFFECT WEIGHT LOSS?? In other words like a diet, DOES YOUR BODY GET USED TO IT?? Ive had to follow what has been working so far ( im in week 3 & a little increase/stall of 2 days. Overall so far ive lost a total of 16 pounds & hope another 10-14 on a 34 day plan ) but am worried i could start gaining because of this. HAS ANYONE SUCCESSFULLY LOST & MAINTAINED IT BEING IN PERI-MENOPAUSE?? Plus one last question, DOES WALKING INCREASE LOSS?? HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED BY ADDING A WALK 3-4 DAYS A WEEK?? Id appreciate anyones experience. Thankyou :) )

    • admin says:

      When I was getting paid to meet with clients weekly and chart their progress. Those that ate the same fruit, meat, or vegetables twice for both meals did not lose as much. For example if they ate an apple for lunch and dinner, when they started having an apple once a day and a different fruit later that day they lost more. Walking helps everyone no matter what! Peri-menopause will make it more difficult to keep it off. I’m still struggling with that. I have found 3 main things that affect keeping it off. Hormones being balanced, Adrenal Fatigue which causes your hormones to be off, and Digesting your food your body can use what it needs and gets rid of the rest (Enzymes).

  13. WeightAweigh says:

    Thanks Admin for your reply. To clarify, i eat 2 different fruits, 2 different meats & 2 different vegetables at separate meals within the one day; apple for brekky, chicken & asparagus one day for lunch so beef or fish with cabbage for the other meal ( dinner ) i& grapefruit for supper, n the same day then i do the same the next day with the same choices of food but swap beef or fish & cabbage for lunch & chicken / asparagus at dinner. Loads of water ( fresh lemon juice added to a couple of tall glasses & sometimes Zero Cal liquid Stevia to curb hunger ) & 2-3 cups of green tea. I have the same as this but each day – so thats where im wondering if my body will get bored with the same food day TO day….???? Have you had success stories of more weight shifted by those who did walking as opposed to those who didnt?

  14. charlotte says:

    Hi, can you tell me .. if I loaded for 5 days .. how long would it take to lose the load weight ? I am in day 4 VLCD and it’s not all gone .. is that normal ?

  15. admin says:

    Lots of different things contribute to how much you lose. However, the more you are overweight the more you lose. The closer you get to your goal the slower people seem to lose but they still lose a lot of inches. I had a friend only lose 7 lbs in 3 weeks but went down 2 sizes. The other constributor is as you named stress (adrenals), hormone balance, and digestion are the 3 big things that not only contribute to weight gain but your bodies ability to lose weight.

  16. Cheryl says:

    On day 21 phase 2, I only lost 12 pounds for the 21 days. Last week only one pound. I did apple day and a steak day, neither helped. I was just wandering if you have any tips for me to survive the 3 days with no drops , before phase 3?

    • admin says:

      How much you lose relates to how much fat you have and how well you followed the protocol. I’ve had people only lose 8 pounds but they went down 2 sizes. Steak days are for phase 3 and should not be done in phase 2. The Reduce 1x I use has an appetite suppressant so I’m not hungry during the 72 hours. I will drink yerba mate tea sweetened with Stevia or a green smoothie that is phase 2 worthy. I put an apple water lots of spinach and vanilla creme stevia! It gives you energy and keeps you full too! Hang in there. Start phase 3 by increasing your calories by 200 a day for best results. It is the most important phase because you are not stable yet.

  17. admin says:

    Read the following questionnaire to make sure you are doing everything right. Are you losing inches. Not everyone loses the same. The heavier you are the more you will seem to lose. I had a friend who was only 20 lbs overweight in her estimation do a round and lost only 9 pounds but dropped 2 sizes. After 3 weeks people lose at lot less. I find people have more success doing the protocol for around 4 weeks then concentrating on there maintenance and developing healthier habits or alternatives to replace sugar and flour.

  18. Beb says:

    I am on day 12 and have only lost 8lbs weighing 154.4 started at 161.3. What can i do and will I lose more?

    • admin says:

      That is actually very very good. Usually the people that avg. a 1b a day are men or women who are much more overnight than U. Your weight loss will probably slow down after the 1st week but that is when the inches really start to show up.

  19. 4laurabell says:

    I am on R2-P2-D27. I am basically in a 7 day plateau right now (lost only 2 oz in 7 days). This is my first time riding out the plateau as suggested instead of doing an apple day.I still have 9-10 lbs to lose (in 9 days) and I’m concerned these last 7 days have really put me behind. I’ve lost an average of .4962 lbs per day. So, if that continues…that really only has me losing 4 lbs instead of 9 lbs. It’s so hard to trust the “ride it out” mentality…but I am trying. Best wishes to everyone else trying too!

    • admin says:

      Its important to understand that with this diet you lose more weight in the beginning and more inches toward the end. Just be smart eat well and listen to your body. Also remember the less fat you have the less you lose in pounds but those often go down in sizes more dramatically. Plateau’s are normal and expected if you read Dr. Simeons Protocol. Hang in there!

  20. Sofia says:

    I am on day 10 not counting binge days, i started 164 and gained 6lbs on binge days. As of today i am 164
    I am starting to think that this is not working for me. I am very careful what i eat. I do eat same thing every day tho but its still by the guidelines.

  21. Glo says:

    Hi im on my 7th day, not including the 2 of phase #1, and i’ve lost 8 pounds, i havent lost anything for 3 days, and im doing everything right am having 2 green tea with Stevia per day and loooots of water, should i do the apple day? or just wait a couple of days to see if it fixes itself? what should i do im concerned! :(

    • admin says:

      Everyone does a stall at some point. It seems that people hit it sooner if they lose well the first week. It is normal and you are still losing fat, your body is just retaining water. Check the error questionnaire to make sure you are doing everything right. I would do an apple day if you go more than 5 days without loosing. Hope this helps.

  22. L wilks says:

    I am starving… Have not been hungry until now. I am on day 33 of 40. I started a stall about 7 days ago, in fact I gained a few ounces. I did an apple day one of the stall days and lost 1 lb but it bounced back up 1/2 a lb. I have been good 1 veg selection and protein on my two meals. Staying within the 500 calories. What should I do hang in there or is this a tolerance?

  23. L wilks says:

    Will do! Thank you.. I was worried because I am getting way hungry..

    Thank you

  24. Glo says:

    i did the apple day on yesterday and i still havent lost any weight.. this is my 6th day… what should i do im drinking loooots of water like 2ltrs or 3, eating what im supposed to do… im stuck :(

  25. Glo says:

    im using complete seasoning from Badia to cook my foods, ingredients “Monosodium Glutamate, Salt, Garlic, Onion(s), Spice(s) and, Tricalcium Phosphate (Anti-Caking Agents)” could this be a reason for my now 7th day stall? already tried apple day and didnt work, lost about 9 pounds the first day and im on my 11 th day of the diet.

  26. Lisa says:

    This is my very first round of weight loss diet.I have good days and bad some days im so tired, I am doe 6.8 pound and this is day 9. I feel I am not loosing a lot anyone else having this issue I woke up to NO loss this morning.:( I am following this protcal very strickly

    • admin says:

      It is typical to hit a stall in the 2nd week. She stay true to the protocol, you are still losing fat. Your weight loss slows down after the 1st week but you’ll notice your clothes getting looser. Check the diet errors questionnaire under Success Tips, Phase 2 tips, to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

  27. Rosemary says:

    I’m not on the diet but I have a very good friend who is. I have forwarded her this feed. After reading all these questions and reading all your responses I want to leave a comment on how impressed I am that you take the time and respond to these women who need advice and encouragement with their diets. Two thumbs up to you.

  28. thabi says:

    Hi, I’m on day 2 (loading phase) and I’m offloading shortly after loading. I’ve never been regular, but so far I’ve been to the loo 3 times in the last 8 hours. My bowel movement is really good. Is this normal? I’m eating a lot but feel like it’s just coming out. Please advise. ..


    • admin says:

      Haven’t heard of that but be grateful. If you have a problem in that area I would recommend picking up some smooth move tea to have during the protocol. Happy 4th of July!

  29. admin says:

    Yes I think you are in a stall which is NORMAL. I do not think you will which your goal on this round simply because everyone’s weight loss slows down the last few weeks. You will lose inches but you will not lose at the rate that you did the first couple of weeks. Listen to your body. If you are not losing at least 3 pounds a week it might be time to move on to maintenance and concentrate on maintaining your weight because you will not be stable. Then do another round down the road and you will have a great chance to make your goal weight and keep it. Awesome job and try to always have the goal of incorporating healthier choices into your everyday life. Good Luck and Health!

  30. admin says:

    I wish I could answer that but I really don’t know. It seems if people lose more the first week that they stall sooner. Your TOM definitely stalled you weight wise but remember you are still losing weight and it is mostly water retention. Hang in there, and remember you made fantastic progress and that is still good.

  31. Camille says:

    I am on day 32 of a 40 day phase 2, I am taking sublingual in the form of a melt tab. I have stalled for 6 days. I am doing everything correct. However, I’d like to say that my stomach has growled in hunger for 32 days. Everyone says that is unusual. I’ve also taken Garcinia Cambogia and it still growls all night. I’ve tried saving my fruits for in between, i’ve tried leaving my 2nd meal protein for right before I go to bed, I’ve tried eating lettuce with no calorie dressing in between meals, and nothing has shaken this stomach growling that I have had. Now that I’ve gone from 220 down to 197, I feel very discouraged that I haven’t lost more than I have and I will do another round, possibly a 30 day this time…but I’d like to hear from other people of what brand they used and if it cured the stomach growls.

    • admin says:

      Have not heard of that problem before. Stalls are normal. Are you hungry or is your stomach growling?

      • Camille says:

        I’m hungry and my stomach growls…I am on day 38 and I still have not lost but a few pounds since my original post. I am weighing my food, eating protocol, drinking lots of water, sleeping….blah, blah, blah. I think the melt tabs aren’t strong enough. I’m doing the shots next. This is very frustrating to feel like i’m starving for 40 days. Plus I get lightheaded.

  32. Vicki says:

    If it were me I would get off at this point concentrate on your maintenance. I don’t think you’ll accomplish anything staying on. Check out the product in my store reduce 1x. It also had an appetite suppressant in it and an energy boost. I’ve had great success with it the last 3 years.

  33. que says:

    I have 8 days left of injections I hit a stall for 3 days did and apple
    Day and the next day dropped 1.4lbs the day after that still
    Same weight I never cheat drink all my water plus more and
    I’m not understanding what’s going on please help

  34. Nada says:

    I’m in round 3 on VLCD day 12 and I’ve only lost 11 lbs.. I follow the protocol religiously and some days I don’t even eat the toast. Is this a good rate? and Is there anything I could do to speed up the loss?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Everyone is different. The more overweight you are the easier it is to lose more weight. When you get within 20 lbs of your goal weight it seems to slow down. Stress and other things can affect it also. The important thing is you are losing inches. By now your clothes should be feeling looser.

  35. Tyra says:

    Please Help!! I’ve been successful in doing this diet in the past as recent as earlier this year, so I know it works. This time around I’m have a hard time staying focused while getting started. I started my gorge October 1st. I was successful the 1st two days were I didnt cheat. Day 3 – I was starving and tempted by lemon cookies here at office, so I had that. I drunk a lot of water and didnt have dinner until Saturday evening, I had a steak. On Sunday, all I had was an apple and water until about 7PM that evening, while making dinner for my daughters, I had beef pot roast, turkay and dressing! I felt horrible afterwards!!!!! Literally. How can I get back on track? I did an apple day yesterday and today I had grilled chicken breast, raw spinach and an orange. I havent been able to take drops due to my cycle starting this week. I’ve been drinking lots of water, feeling hungry, and ready to just give up because I’m not seening a weight lost!! :-( Please help.
    Even after I just had lunch…i feel bloated.

    • admin says:

      The first week is when you lose the most and if you cheat the first week you set yourself up for failure. If you have sugar it increases your craving for it. Steak days are not for Phase 2. Apple days are done to break a plateau. At this point I think you should get off of it. Get your self more mentally prepared and then try again. The first week is difficult so you need to prepare food, have some vegetable snacks in the fridge and time it to be the least tempted.

  36. Tyra says:

    Oh above…i want to add, I was successful the first two days of 500 calories.

  37. Josh B says:

    Hello I am a little worried I may have made a huge mistake. I did phase 1 for 21 days and lost 13 lbs and also gained muscle. I did my 2 gorge days WITHOUT the injections and gained 3 lbs. I started the injections/500 cal diet the next day. Mon,Tues, and Wed I took the injections and it is now Wed night and i havent lost another pound but have still been working out and drinking my water. Will i still be able to continue the diet or do i have to start over because i did my gorge days without injections? Will I start to see results soon? Thank you so much!

  38. Zoey says:

    I gained about 5 pounds during the load phase. But, I was told that I would lose that plus more. I have only eaten the allowed foods. Am I taking the drops wrong? On the bottle it says 5 drops 2x a day before meals. But, I am reading you need to take more.. more often.. Help??

  39. Fred says:

    I’m on Day 23 of Phase 2 including the loading days. When I started on the 18th of November I was 132kg (291lbs) and since then I have lost 13kg (28lbs).

    The above sounds great, but the problem is I have stalled out on 119kg for the past three days.

    It’s been a difficult protocol for me and although I have not cheated at all, I’m not liking the fact that I’m going through all this with no movement or any visible improvement for three days. These zero-loss days feel like wasted days to me so I’m desperate to kick start the process and get it working again. Even 250 or 500 grams per day would make me feel better.

    Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      That is very normal and what Dr. Simons explained would happen. You lose more weight in the beginning and more inches in the end. It has to do with water retention. I know it is frustrating but take heart, your clothes will be looser.

  40. jan says:

    Hi, I lost 8 pounds the first week then I reached a stall on the second week while following it 100 percent. I felt like I was wasting time and money. Then out of frustration I cheated. but then on the third week i finally started losing again. In the end I lost 20 pounds in a month–so I was greatful for 20 pounds in a month! but everyone noticed how good I looked in clothes and inches I lost. So dont worry about the pounds, it is true you may not see it on the scale but I can tell you for sure that muffin top is gone-no matter waht that scale says–dont worry you are still losing fat which may not show on the scale because it weighs less than muscle and water!!!

  41. Alicia Fife says:

    I have lost 19.2 pounds from 174 to 155.8. I am excited about my loss. I went up this morning by .8. I have gone through 2 stalls during this round. I have done this diet so many times I cant remember the count. Every time I get off of it. I gain all the weight right back. I am really going to try my hardest to stick to the maintenance this time. I am hoping I can get to 145, that is 10.8 more pounds. I will see what happens in the next few days. I am starting to get very hungry and wanting more options. I want to stick to phase 2 until the end of the month. I have 8 more days to go. Crazy part of this is that even though I weigh 155 I don’t look like it to me. I have 43% body fat. I need to build some serious muscle!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Maintenance is the key. I can not do maintenance successfully without enzymes. I do well in Phase 3 but when I add carbs I gain no matter what. Once I started taking digestive enzyme. it was part of the puzzle. I would take the health questionnaire by Divine Nature.There are many things we need to do or could use but it gives you a starting point on the areas you need to concentrate on first. The control 10X is a great appetite suppressant when you are not on it if you start eating to much. It does not have to be used for any particular length of time. Hope this helps.

  42. Lindsay says:

    I take my weight in the morning, but tonight I decided to take it after a bath. And yikes I was up 2 lbs. is that normal during the day? Is it just water?
    Also I had my thyroid taken out a year ago and am on cytomel and synthroid. Will I still see te same results? Or will mine be slower? I’m on day 6 and have lost 5 pounds. But my clothes feel loose:)

  43. huda says:

    Hello , thank you for posting this it really hepled me understand stalls and stuff, the problem is ive been stalling on 120 kilos for 10 days maybe , and i did my apple day and its still stuck , on my apple day i ate only 3 apples , i took 1 on day 1 of the apple day on lunch and i was too busy to take dinner’s drop hence i didnt eat dinner , the next day i ate 2 apples on lunch and it completed the 24 hours , but the scale is still stuck , should i do it again? I dont know whats the problem im 100% sure i never cheated , im begining to loose hope,,
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      On an apple day you need to eat 6 or 7 apples in a single day. Its like the protocol, if you eat less then you should, almost everyone experiences a gain. If your body does not get enough it will retain everything. Stalls are normal and a part of the protocol. Your body is retaining water. If you read Dr. Simons protocol it goes into detail. Make sure you eat all your allowed food. If you are doing everything right you will start losing again when your body releases the water. You are still losing fat on stalls.

  44. Meredith says:

    I’ve been on the diet for 16 days and lost 9 pounds my first 7 days and half a pound the other 8 days… I’m 50 pounds overweight and when I did this prior kids I lost 30 pounds in a 6 week cycle. I’m so upset it’s not coming off the same way it did a few years ago… Any suggestions?

  45. James says:

    Hi. I am day four of P2 and seem to have not lost any weight since P1. I have used a bit of organic coconut oil, and had cocoa power but only a little. other than that I have been strict. Any ideas please?
    Thank you James

  46. vanessa says:

    I am on day 23 I have stalled for 6 days. I lost 20 lbs in the first 16 days. I have A LOT to lose not like most of you. I need to lose 250lbs! I find the diet quite satisfying and not so difficult. Except getting enough water is often difficult. I have not had any constipation problems. I did the apple day eating only 2 apples and not feeling a bit hungry. I could not get any more down. I lost nothing. What do I do? I am still stalled.

    • admin says:

      If it were me I would do my 72 hours then move on to your maintenance phases. Once those are down if you want to lose more repeat the protocol.

  47. Kate says:

    Hi.:) I read that if you lose less in the first week, the pattern tends to be that you don’t stall so much latterly, and lose steadily to the end. Is that true or wishful thinking on my part? Im down from 168.4 to 163.5 and Im just starting Day 6. Im not sure of thats good or not!

  48. admin says:

    Everyone is different and many other factors come into play. You will more than likely stall at some point but most people who lose a ton the first week usually stall quicker and usually have more weight to lose.

  49. vanessa says:

    Hello, I wrote this already but it states still awaiting moderation. Please respond quickly. I am on day 23 I have stalled for 6 days. I lost 20 lbs in the first 16 days. I have A LOT to lose not like most of you. I need to lose 250lbs! I find the diet quite satisfying and not so difficult. Except getting enough water is often difficult. I have not had any constipation problems. I did the apple day eating only 2 apples and not feeling a bit hungry. I could not get any more down. I lost nothing. What do I do? I am still stalled.

    • admin says:

      When you have a lot to lose you need to do it overtime. Men will lose more but most woman if they go the full 6 weeks will lose 25 lbs at the most. Congratulations on the fact that you have lost 20 lbs. Apple days usually make you go down because of water retention. If that is not the problem maybe your body is telling you thats all it wants to release right now. Towards the end of the protocol you lose much less weight but you will notice the inches more. Hang in there and if you are not losing at least 2 lbs a week I would move on to your maintenance phase and concentrate on maintaining it for another 6 weeks before you try another round. Hope this helps!

  50. Stacey says:

    I was losing weight at a steady pace and I was down 15 lbs but this past week has been tough I have been hungry so I have had some cheat days Mostly the weekends are hard cause I am home and not as busy as when I am working and I have gained weight. So back on track today to finish out my last 10 round of shots. My question is do we get these stalls all the time where we don’t lose but we gain even when we are not cheating? And if we cheat a little bit and we gain once I stop the program is this weight going to come right back on that fast? I really want to lose a total of 50 lbs. I really thought this program for what I paid for it was going to help me lose more weight than I have and it’s very discouraging. I only have 11 more days of injections for my 40 day program. How long should I wait to start the program again but this time I want to do the drops?

    • admin says:

      50 lbs will take more than 1 round. What I love about this diet is it changed what I eat and crave. Check out my store. There are a lot of things to help you long term and when you need to do another round.

  51. Angie says:

    Hi, few questions…
    I’m on day 17 and steadily losing (down9.2 lbs). But when I weigh myself at night, my weight is up 2-3 lbs. is that much gain in one day normal?
    I’m not sure if I have water retention from an unresolved thyroid issue, so could doing an apple day possibly help with water retention from thyroid? I’ve read that this diet is supposed to help adrenals and thyroid. Do you know which phase this typically corrects itself?
    Thanks for your help.

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