Oil and Lotion Alternatives


No lotion, oil, or fat almost stopped me from doing this protocol. I am definitely a lotions and potions person.  But understand that following this is not debatable if you want success. I decided it was worth giving up for 3 weeks. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. When you are on Phase 2, It puts your body in a state of lypolysis and is searching for fat to burn. It will pull the oil in the lotion right through your skin instead of getting it from your fat reserves.  It is one of the first areas I address if people are in a stall or think they have lost less than they should. Often they are not even aware of what they are doing until I start asking them questions. I have had clients in a stall and we have figured out they were getting oil from Neosporen, WD-40, Preperation H, sunscreen, vitamins and many other sources. When they stopped using it they started to lose weight again.

The exception to the rule for oil is MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides).MCT Oil is listed in many of the recipes and is a high grade oil that is very helpful. (No it’s not just coconut oil. It is derived from coconut oil).  Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are fats that are easier for the body to digest.  Most fats consumed in our daily diet are long chain triglycerides, which are broken down in the intestine and then must be converted into a form that can be transported in the blood.   But MCT’s are broken down to caprylic acid at a much faster rate, making them more absorbable even in individuals who produce low levels of lipase.  An important benefit of MCT Oil is that it has a high concentration of caprylic acid.  Caprylic acid is a fatty acid that has potent natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which can be beneficial in keeping a healthy balance of intestinal flora. In laymen terms, it is a healthy good fat that helps my clients energy levels. This oil is a favorite among athletics alike and is well known among body builders.  The  MCT oil can be used in recipes for cooking (low temperatures) and as a salad dressing; use it wisely.  No more than 2-3 Tab. daily or it will affect your weight loss. I finally found a source that is a great product and price which you can purchase in the store.  It does have calories but if you stick to the 2-3 Tablespoons it is extremely helpful for clients who are very deficient in fatty acids (which most of us are) and the issues that deficiency can cause. It has also really enhanced my food on Phase 2 without affecting my weight.

Mineral oil is also ok since it does not absorb into the skin like regular oil does. Same guideline, no more than 2-3 Tab. daily. Mineral makeup, mascara, eye shadow and powders are fine but any oil based foundation is not. Lipstick is fine since it is usually wax.

For lotion the first few rounds I did I use aloe vera gel or glycerin.  They were something but not great.  My next find was a no oil spray called Na-PCA from Twinlab.  It smells great, and it a natural moisturizing factor in human skin.  It is also inexpensive and sells for $7-8 dollars at places like Sprouts, Sunflower market or other health stores. I still spray it on especially in the summer.

I now have found a fabulous alternative to lotion that I will never do another round without.  It is Alba oil-free moisturizer. It feels like a very clean and moisturizing lotion and is completely oil free.  It is a little pricier at $17 dollars at Sprouts but it goes a long long ways.  I have been using mine for over 4 months and it is not even half gone.  Once I found this I stopped looking for anything else.  I do understand Mary Kaye has some oil free products so if any of you try them let me know how they worked and if they affected your weight loss.

If you want to really get technical about oil you can buy shampoo and conditioner that has no oil. Hair does not absorb the way skin does so I just used my regular hair care and I was fine. You also need to be aware of oils that might be in supplements you are taking like flax seed oil or vitamin E. If it were me I would not take them on Phase 2 and then start them again in Phase 3.  Yes, even a very small amount on Phase 2 can affect your weight loss.  Many vitamins have starch and or sugar in them which can be a problem in Phase 2 and Phase 3.  I do not want to stock a lot of items but I do have a few that I carry so you are sure to have safe items in Phase 2 and Phase 3.  Sometimes you have to be a detective.  If you suspect something you are doing may be affecting your weight loss, stop that one thing and see how you react.

Sunscreen is another area of concern. Normally I always use sunscreen on my face so I had to wear a visor when I was in the pool or outside on Phase 2 in the summer. You can try the Coppertone Pure & Simple for babies which is oil free.

Just make sure you are reading labels. If you come across another no oil alternative that works, please let me know so I can share with everyone else.

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  1. Tanya Mihailov says:

    Deoderants are also another thing to watch. I had no idea my regular deoderant had hydroginated castor oil in it. So I switched to the Crystal Spray/solid Deoderants you can find a Sprouts or any natural market. You may have to reapply during the day, but they absolutely do the trick and will not undermind your program.

  2. Connie Haw says:

    I am in the Phase 2 part of the diet and i do take supplements i should come off them as i never really thought of the sugars or starches in the vitamins also QUESTION: Can i buy NA-PCA from Twinlab And ALBA ALEO & GREEN TEA OIL FREE MOISTUREIZER in Canada ?? My hands are very sore and cracked to peaces b/c i am not using anything (loition) on them.

    • admin says:

      You don’t need to come off of the vitamins. Just double check the label. All of the above are good as a lotion alternative and well worth the money.

  3. angela says:

    i will be starting the weight loss diet in 4 days….if my skincare and deoderant says oil free is it safe to use? i also apply young living essential oils daily…should i stop using the YL oils? can i apply to my clothing or just use in my aura space and immediately wash my hands?
    thank you!!

    • admin says:

      Yes if it says oil free you are good to go. I personally don’t use my essential oils on my body during phase 2. You can put them in a diffuser or put on your clothing but I would avoid contact with your skin. I found it did affect my weight loss if I used them and it is not worth it to me when you are making so many sacrifices on phase 2.

  4. admin says:

    It definitely could. I would avoid taking it for the 3-4 weeks your on Phase 2.

  5. Emily says:

    Where is the scientific evidence that backs up using oils in skincare can make a person gain weight.
    I know LOTS of thin healthy people who load on the lotions with coconut oil ,etc.
    In my 25 yrs. of working in the Health Food Industry -I have never heard of this. It makes me wonder if it is a marketing ploy for selling to desperate people

  6. Linda says:

    I am on my second round of HC3. I use a little coconut oil on my face, and use MCT oil on my body, directly after a shower when my skin is wet. Lancome has sunblock that is oil free.

    • admin says:

      Some people will not lose using coconut oil. MCT Oil is on the advanced research up to 3 Tab. a day. Thanks for the sunblock tip!

  7. susan says:

    today is day 1 for me on phase 2– I have to admit I am hungry..and the drops I bought allow 800 calories.
    Can I take CLA supplements?
    And will coconut oil be absorbed if I use it in my hair.. on the shaft only and not scalp? I wouldn’t think it would matter on the ends of my hair.

    • susan says:

      oopps …need to clarity.. today is my first low cal day.

    • admin says:

      Coconut Oil is probably ok on your hair for exactly the reason you stated and for the reason I don’t change my shampoo or conditioner. Your hair doesn’t absorb oil like your skin does. You have to ask yourself if you are hungry or do you just want to eat. If the hunger continues you might want to up your dosage. Most people struggle the first couple of days because they are not used to being so restricted. Hang in there it is worth it.

  8. Amy says:

    I am hesitant to start weight loss diet because of not using lotion. What are the reprecussions if I continue to use oil-based lotions? What oil-free lotions can someone recommend?

    Also, I have a massage scheduled in two weeks. They will obviously will be using oil for the massage. What are the reprecussions for this?

    • admin says:

      Read the article on oil and lotion alternatives. If you continue to use oil base lotion you will not lose as much weight. They are usually familiar with it and use mineral oil and glycerin which is ok. If you don’t do the maintenance phases you will more than likely gain weight much faster. The maintenance phases are extremely important if you want to keep the weight off.

  9. Di says:

    I can not find any MCT (non-coconut) oil. When I ask in a store they point me to the coconut oil. Any suggestions????

    HELP….and thanks!

    • admin says:

      You probably will have to order it online. I know amazon.com has it. Some people use coconut oil but it scares me because I don’t want to give up a single pound when I am on the diet. Remember you can only have up to 3 Tab. a day on phase 2.

  10. Di says:

    I bought the ALBA lotion and love it!! It makes my hands so soft i dont have to use ti as much. I’m going to start using it on my legs to see if it helps them as well.

  11. rian says:

    I am a massage therapist, what medium of lubrication is safe for me to use? Apricot oil? Coconut oil? Please help! Starting phase 2 tomorrow!

    • KL says:

      I’m a massage therapist, too, and this is why I haven’t done the diet yet. I really want to, but I do 5 massages day. That’s most likely going to be more than the 2-3 T./day. And I can’t have something with too much glide because I do deep tissue. Any suggestions?

      • admin says:

        I asked my friend who has done the protocol and is a massage therapist what she did. I would use coconut oil because it is a medium chain triglyceride. And maybe add a couple drops of essential oil– like grapefruit– metabolizes fat, breaks up cellulite, a spirit lifter. Or lavender for relaxation and a good skin conditioner.

  12. Stef says:

    Skincare is not a problem as I make my own and I have recipes for oil free versions. However, I am on bio-identical hormones which means that I have to take an olive oil capsule twice daily.

  13. BB says:

    I am still on phase 1 and used my cosmetics which was not oil-free and it definetly blocked my stalled me and I even gained some weight.I have just stopped using them and I will see what the progress will be.

  14. NUVO says:

    I’m really worried because of all the clause n stall issues. Firstly I’m worried abt the deodorant n lotion thing I stopped using the lotion.

    • admin says:

      Lotions are a Big Deal on stalling. Deodorants are more wax so I have not had any issues with anyone needing to change it.

  15. NUVO says:

    So do I need to look on my deodorants if they contain oil r wat. And are soaps included.

    • admin says:

      Soaps, Shampoo, and Deodorants usually don’t need to be changed. Moisturizers, Lotions, Preperation H (stalled someone) etc. will affect the weightloss on most people.

  16. AMK says:

    Alba is oil free but it has Shea Butter in it. Mix glycerin with aloe, colloidal oatmeal and peppermint…that should do the trick.

  17. di says:

    Wait. I thought you said “oil-free”. Fats and oils cause inflammation. Many people, like myself, have allergies to nuts, seeds, flowers and herbs. So, what else can moisturize?

  18. Simone downes says:

    Is aloe vera ok to use on ur skin??

  19. yami says:

    hi does anyone knows about a safe lip gloss or lipstick? thanks

  20. admin says:

    Unfortunately, I can not give medical advice. You need to consult with your doctors and do not stop taking any prescribed medication without taking to your doctors.

  21. mandy says:

    I currently use shea butter everyday. I use a dudo-ossum blavk soap which is pure in removes oil from the skin.. Is the shea butter ok.

  22. kriskurucz@yahoo.com says:

    What about hemp oil or lotion?

  23. Debbi E says:

    Is petroleum jelly acceptable? Also, spray vaseline?

  24. Nina B says:

    Neutrogena makes oil-free foundation makeup. I think it is the skin-clearing line.

  25. Aisha says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > Oil and Lotion Alternatives.Loved it!

  26. Jeanclayton@shaw.ca says:

    Is hair dye ok. Using Nice and Easy at this time I,m a little afraid to use it and I,m beginning to look quite grey around the edges. Anyone know?

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