Success Tips By Phase


Revive the Real You!

1.  Phase 1 Success Tips

Detoxification and Getting Ready for the Diet

2.  Phase 2 Success Tips

Taking Weight Loss Plan and being the 500 Calorie Diet

3.  Phase 3 Success Tips

3 Weeks with No Sugar or Starch

4.  Phase 4 Success Tips

3 Weeks of Very Slowly adding back in Sugar and Starch.

5.  Life Long Maintenance Tips

Keeping it off Long Term!  That is the point, right?

Congratulations on taking action to a healthier you and “reviving the real you to be your best self”. It made phenomenal and significant changes to my life that I had been trying to do for over 30 years.  Long term, it’s about making lifestyle changes.  This protocol put my body into a position where I crave healthier food, I am satisfied with much less food, and I can stop eating the cookies and cakes after one piece and not be dying for more.  That is truly a miracle!  Remember, this is a personal journey, it didn’t happen after one round, but it happened faster then I could of imagined!  If you are ready for change, I am ready, willing, and excited to share what I have learned personally and from my clients. In no time at all you will be Waving to the New You! I look forward to hearing from you,  Vicki

Are You Miserable or Happy?


When you ask a miserable person, “What’s new?” they say, “Nothing.” Miserable people haven’t done anything new in years. Happy people love to try new things. And when they encounter a problem they think of it as an adventure. If they get lost on their way somewhere, they say, “All right; an adventure!”

When the power goes out during a storm, happy people gather flashlights and tell stories on the couch. If they are caught in a cloudburst, they sing and dance in the puddles. Miserable people, on the other hand, don’t see an opportunity for adventure; they just think they’re being picked on. They will ask themselves, “What did I do to deserve this?” or, “Why does this always happen to me?” Happy people turn adversities into big adventures. What type of person are you?

Imagine yourself at your very best. The healthy weight loss diet is an adventure that can literally change your life. Are you ready for change? Change your body and it will change your mind and your life!

6 Responses to Success Tips By Phase

  1. Brenda says:

    I started the weight loss diet Saturday, Oct. 1. I messed up by Tuesday as far as more calorie intake of the allowed foods. But, since then, I messed up further each day, and this is Oct. 7. I wonder if I have messed up my metabolism? I have taken it and still gone past my calorie limits. Did I harm the process of having my hypothalamus change and will I be able to keep losing or get into ketosis again? I think my grandson’s bipolar problem got me so emotional that I did not understand if I was hungry or it was emotional reaching for something to do to divert my attention to food because I needed to escape my feeling helpless as he screamed at me and was in a rage. Thank you for your help, I am so new at this and I am about to cry because I need to lose 100 lbs, and my frame is not big; as I am only 5′ 3″.
    Please help me if you can. My home phone is 734-340-2058.

    • admin says:

      My suggestion is if you mess up in the beginning several days in a row is to stop, regroup, do some research, and find a better time to do the diet. Take this experience and ask yourself the tough questions why you were not committed and figure out what you need to do next time so you can have success and a coping mechanism when things go wrong.

  2. Kim says:

    I am in a plateau. I have not change anything from the beginning when I was loosing. I am very discouraged and certainly don’t see the pounds melting away

    • admin says:

      Everybody goes through a plateau. The good news, if you keep to the protocol you are still losing inches. Try an apple day to try and get things going again. People want to continue losing at the same rate they do the first week on the protocol but that is rare. Especially for women.

  3. Denise says:

    I was tempted the first few days cause I realized I could have loaded up on a lot more yummmmmy stuff the first 2 days and didn’t. Visions of a lucious coconut cake were dancing in my head. However, what helped me to resist was to remind myself of the little I lost so far, how badly I wanted to reach my goal and also it really helped a lot to watch testimonial videos and peoples video journeys on the weight loss diet. Seeing other people’s success what an inspiration and motivation to tough it out during momentary temptation and just to get my mind on somethingelse meanwhile til it passed. Hope that helps some!

    • admin says:

      We all visualize our favorite things. The funny thing is I like them but don’t love it when I’m off the diet. I truly do crave healthier food. Why I love this diet and am passionate about it.

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